10 Must Visit Places For Indians in Australia

Sydney Opera House

If you are planning a trip to Australia, the first suggestion would be to make an itinerary as it is a big country with lots of places to see. Some things are unmissable and unique to Australia that you should take the time to enjoy. When preparing to travel to Australia, remember to pack according to the season and the activities you plan to do. If you plan properly and prepare in advance, you will have a stress-free vacation and enjoy your time more.

The must visit Mission Beach in Australia
The must visit Mission Beach in Australia

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One factor that takes a while to get in place is the visa to Australia. Get a tourist visa for Australia from India well in advance and avoid last minute rush. Here are some things you may need for the processing of your visa –

  • Visa application form
  • Original passport
  • PAN card or Aadhar card copy
  • Financial statements
  • Cover letter mentioning details of applicants
  • Hotel booking with the return flight ticket
  • Marriage certificate
  • Income tax returns
  • Employment proofs. You may need to keep a few photos handy to finish the procedure.

Head to these places and make your trip memorable.

Places to visit on your first trip to Australia

1. Great Barrier Reef

One of the world’s natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone. This long stretch of reef is home to almost 1600 species of fish, and you can experience this magical underwater world with snorkelling or scuba diving. You can swim in luxury in your own pool near the water or take a boat and enjoy the reef from above with friends.

Sydney's popular Bondi Beach
Sydney’s popular Bondi Beach is a must visit in Australia

2. Bondi Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in Australia. The oceanside village offers a water taste with activities like surfing and whale-watching, and you may even spot dolphins. For those who are bird-watching enthusiasts, you are sure to find some gems here that you have never seen before. You can take a dip in the ocean and enjoy some amazing seafood with a drink in your hand. You can spend the day relaxing or be up and about and try all the activities around the beach. 

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3. Sydney Opera House

A centre of culture and arts, the Sydney Opera House is a monument that every tourist cherishes. It is a life-changing experience to see a performance at the Sydney Opera House. Also, you can choose from the various performances, including classical music, ballet, theatre, opera, etc.

Adventure experiences

  • Australia is a place where you can have an adventure in any part of the country. If you are a thrill-seeker, try adventure sports. If you like to discover new things, then an aboriginal journey is what will please you.
The national animal of Australia
The national animal of Australia

1. Visit a National Park

There are plenty of national parks built in Australia that protect natural wildlife. You can go camping in national parks. However, we advise you to take an experienced person who will guide you throughout the camping.

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2. See a seasonal marvel

Every season, a natural marvel occurs in Australia that you can truly marvel at and enjoy. The “staircase to heaven” created by the reflection of the moon from March to October, or the bioluminescent plankton that literally makes the water glow in spring or summer, the wildflower bloom or the lavender bloom, are few of the beautiful seasonal sights you cannot miss. Find the specialties of the season you are visiting and plan accordingly.

3. Enjoy a natural spa

If you want to relax, you can choose a natural spa over a manmade one, and then you can turn to a thermal river, springs, waterholes, and many other places. These may crop up unexpectedly, and you can enjoy a soak at the end of your hiking journey. Rock pools or champagne pools create foam and make you feel like you are sitting in a Mother Nature-made jacuzzi.

4. Book a wellness retreat

Multiple wellness retreats offer options like massage, meditation, sound therapy, and so on to help heal and prepare you for your daily hustle. A wellness retreat is a perfect place to take a break if you wish to not indulge in any physical activity.

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5. Visit a winery

The wines from Australia gained the respect of experts and are famous worldwide. You must visit a winery and see how the wine is prepared first-hand. You can stay there overnight, wall through the grapes, and see the whole process from the beginning.

6. Indulge in a Michelin star restaurant

Tourism in Australia boomed when a certain TV show made the food scene in Australia popular. Many 3 Michelin star restaurants are worth going out of your way to eat at. So, the best ones include Attica, Quay, Africola, Wildflower, Rick Shores, Detour, and many more. These are examples of modern Australian restaurants.

Summing up

These are just some of the places in Australia you can enjoy. A better way to enjoy your vacation is to be completely stress-free and laid back. Buy travel insurance online when planning your trip to ensure your trip doesn’t get ruined because of a loss of items. At the same time, it is important to remember that healthcare is much more expensive outside the country, and the laws of that country do not cover your healthcare benefits. It is why you will have to pay the full amount, which can put a sizeable dent in your savings. Buy travel insurance and get back up for situations that are out of your hands and cannot be avoided.

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