Bali’s pristine Nusa Dua you’ll absolutely love

Fishing at Nusa Dua, Bali

Nusa Dua, the southern most region of Bali is known for its scenic water bodies and tranquil beaches. You cannot miss this little piece of heaven if you are looking for some relaxed carefree time surrounded by the beauty that would amaze you. here is Bali’s pristine Nusa Dua in pictures for your next travel inspiration.

Picture perfect backdrop
Oh so crystal clear
The mandatory beach picture
Because I loved Nusa Dua
The art of chillin’

Right at the beach, 100 meters from the Nusa Dua Beach, you will not miss the mammoth size statues of Lord Krishna and Arjun. Few meters past the statues there lies a spot called Waterblow. The high sea waves fill into a rock cavity and blows up with full pressure like a volcano. The waves go as high as 20 meters during high tide. Tourists flock to this place to witness the force of nature.

Krishna Arjun
Entrance to Water Blow site

You need to be within the boundaries to watch water blow. People who attempted to cross the safe area have been injured badly. Be wise, stay safe.

Safety Boundary
Where the rock cavity fills in
Water blowing out
Water blow in full fury
Fish when the water is calm

Behind the water blow site on a less visited limestone rock is a Balinese temple, obviously not open to non -Indonesians. The isolated spot offers a great canvas for photo-op.

The secluded spot

Have you been to Nusa Dua? How was your experience? Tell us in comments. Also here are essentials to know while planning your trip to Bali.

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