9 Essential Tips to Travel Healthy

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There is a traveler within all of us. But how many manage to stay fit and healthy during and after the trip? Learning from my own experiences and a close brush with others, here are 9 essential tips to travel healthy and stay in good shape. . 

1. Snack healthy

Yes I can feel the frowns. Trying local cuisines is on the to-do list of travelers.
But please do not ignore your health. You never know if contaminated ingredients/water or anything oily can make you ill during your tour. During my Jaipur trip in December few years ago, a friend fell seriously ill, only to be diagnosed with food poisoning. Oh boy, if only he could control himself from hogging at every food stall.


It is obvious to feel hungry and our nose just cant ignore the deep fried goodness, which ends up in eating pakodas/chips/samosas/vadaas. Advisable to carry a little snack pack with you. Roasted chana (black grams), almonds, peanuts & puffed rice mixture, digestive biscuits, dates, roasted sunflower & flax seeds are great options to pack in your baggage. They neither occupy much space in bags nor load you with cholesterol/risk of bad stomach. Also, packing these little treats can save you from hunger pangs if you get stuck in traffic or odd hours at night. Eating right is the key to staying healthy and steer clear of illness.


2. Walk or cycle

Both the activities help keep you good health, builds stamina and keeps cholesterol under control.


The shit loads of crazy food that you hogged also gets easily digested as you walk or cycle. The vitamin D deficient ones can soak up some sunny vitamin and get some relief from ortho pain. Doing these with partner or in a group bonds you well. Ditching taxis for local traveling is also good for the environment 🙂 Walking also gives you the opportunity to come close to nature and observe the local culture closely. And the best part is that walking costs nothing! Whosoever said best things in life are free, was absolutely right ! 


3. Carry mosquito repellent

Since you don’t want to be down with malaria/dengue or likely diseases, its better to be safe than sorry. Of course you don’t need these in a hotel, but these protective measures prove to be handy, especially for the bag-packers. If you are driving a car, advisable to use mosquito spray and leaved it locked for few hours before you resume with your journey.

4. Hand sanitizer

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That’s basic hygiene, needless to explain.  Keep a bottle handy in your car/handbag/bagpack. You may need it any time! A small step towards prevention of health hazards isn’t much of efforts. yeah?

5. Pack a stole/jacket/anything warm 


Do this, irrespective the weather of the place you travel to. I was stranded in the chilly weather of Dalhousie during my visit in April two years ago. Anticipating a warm weather, I hadn’t packed anything warm apart from from a thin shawl. I almost contracted hypothermia, if I had not bought a sweater, which I got at a relatively higher price. In similar incidents in Darjeeling, Mussorie and Bikaner, light woolens saved me. Also, a stole or dupatta always helps to shield from the sun, dust and sudden cold winds. Not heavy woolens always, but light weight ones would do the trick.

6. Keep hydrated


Often while travelling to cold places or in the excitement of travelling, we forget drinking water. By the time you feel thirsty, your body has already lost lot of water. Keep replenishing yourself with water at small intervals. You can have coconut water or fresh fruit juice too. It not only aids in digestion but also keeps toxins at bay and makes up for the minerals lost from body.

7. Shoe up 


During my recent trip to Dharamsala, I roamed the whole place in my flat sandals, least realizing I had invited pain for my legs. Avoid this trouble by wearing sports shoes. Always have sports shoes in your must-carry items while travelling, especially to hill stations. I prefer wearing shoes instead of packing them as that adds weight to luggage.  Avoid heels as much as you can, unless you are packing for a party or function. For beach vacation or water adventure, go for floaters or flip flops.

8. First aid kit

Since prevention is always better than cure, a smart traveler must carry a small first aid kit with basic items at-least. My kit usually has pain relieving balm or spray, tabs for digestion, pain killer, paracetamol, band aids and antiseptic liquid. Keep the kit within easy reach for obvious reasons. You never know it may be useful for others if in case you did not use.

9. Skin care

Care for skin while traveling

Aloe vera moisturiser that keeps skin hydrated, supple and soft without weighing it down. Aloe vera also helps in soothing sun burns or itchiness. An all purpose coconut oil is a magic wand while travelling. It removes makeup, moisturizes skin, clears blemishes and nourishes scalp. Lat but not the least, a good sun block and tinted moisturizer keep all skin worries at bay.

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