About thetravelcurry

Macaws biting off the button from caps in Bali Bird Park
When macaws bite off the button from your cap

Two bored corporate professionals, connected over their common passion for traveling. We are the travel couple Mithun and Shilpi who escape at the smallest opportunity that we come across. We love offbeat travel, trekking, nature walks and heritage. The travel Curry is a staunch believer of sustainable living and responsible travel.

About Mithun

A photographer and a foodie, Mithun heads IT project and workforce development at his workplace. He is often called a Weaponpedia because of his deep knowledge on guns, missiles and more. It is difficult to pull him away from his PC while he is engrossed in gaming.

81mm Mortar
With 81mm Mortar at War Remnants Museum, Vietnam

About Shilpi

High on chaai and an animal lover, Shilpi scribbles copy in corporate while managing clients. She is aptly called the dog lady as she talks to strays. Obsessed with plants and recycling plastic, she literally has a trash garden, where she flaunts her gardening skills.

Dogs in North East
Shilpi with a furry buddy

About Travel Curry

We had been thinking to transition from a free webspace to a paid domain for a long time but kept procrastinating. In 2019, we trekked to the Valley of flowers in Uttarakhand. That trip was an adventure of its kind which made an everlasting impact on us. After returning home, we finally took action and our blog Thetravelcurry was born. This blog is not just a travelogue but a medium to share travel hacks, tips, itineraries, current buzz, sustainable lifestyle and talk about responsible tourism. We hope you benefit from our content and enjoy reading it.

You can reach out to us via email – [email protected]