Panoramic view of National Rail Museum

Exploring the Marvels of National Rail Museum, Delhi

Here is a complete guide to exploring the marvels of National Rail Museum, one of the best museums in Delhi. Experience the thrill of train rides and get ready for a fun-filled day at the museum, where you can witness real heritage trains, take a ride around the beautiful gardens, learn about different types of trains from history and explore the replicas of railway platforms.

Gandhi statue with the name board at Delhi's National Rail Museum
Gandhi statue at the National Rail Museum

A little know-how

Panoramic view of National Rail Museum
Panoramic view of National Rail Museum

Established in 1971, the National Rail Museum is spread across 11 acres of vast expanse of land in Chanakyapuri, Delhi. Showcasing the rich history of Indian railways and the progress of present times, this museum is highly recommended for children and history enthusiasts. Does that mean it is not for adults or elderlies? Well, don’t be mistaken. People of all age groups are welcome and can have a great time at this park.

Touring the Rail Museum

Historic loco DSH 777 at National Rail Museum
Iconic steam loco at outdoor exhibit

80% of the museum exhibits are outdoors and the rest are in an indoor museum. Real models of steam engines, signaling equipment, platform replicas, antique furniture and more adore the outdoor area. Also, the fairy queen or toy train is the biggest attraction that tours through the entire park, giving glimpses of Indian railway systems. Vintage exhibits such as Prince of Wales saloon, Mysore Maharaja Saloon and Fireless steam locomotive are among the major crowd pullers.

Platform replica of Coonoor  at Rail Museum
Platform replica of Coonoor

The indoor exhibit

Promoting rail heritage- the indoor exhibit of the rail museum
Promoting rail heritage- the indoor exhibit of the rail museum

Documents, maps, sketches, publications, and materials from the more than 160-year history of the Indian Railways house the indoor museum. Modern 3D virtual reality technology transports visitors to a different era.

Number plates and builder names displayed in the indoor exhibit of National Rail Museum
Collection of Indian builders and number plates in the indoor museum

Digital and mobile technologies used by the Indoor Gallery make visits exciting and informative. So, a fan of trains can interact with the exhibit remotely through a variety of mobile apps and websites provided by the museum. 3D virtual tours and indoor positioning systems assist visitors in navigating content.

Besides, a small souvenir shop next to the indoor gallery sells posters, stamps, coins, diaries and mementoes that make great decor or gift items.

Other amenities

Drinking water, restroom, wheelchair assistance, audio guide, canteen, tuck shop, photo booth.

Best time to visit National Rail Museum

Morning or evening in summer as 90% of the area is an open-air museum and heat is unbearable in Delhi. Winter is an ideal time to visit National Rail Museum.

Operating time

9.30 am to 5.30pm every day. Remains closed on Monday.

Is National Rail Museum worth visiting?

Museum junction- The toy train point  at National Rail Museum
Museum junction- The toy train point

If knowing more about Indian railways, beyond videos and picture books, interests you, National Rail Museum is the place. With real loco models and a rich visual journey of Indian rail network, this is an ultimate place for information and entertainment. Moreover, children experience real trains and learn a lot here. Which is why the museum is often full of school children, as a part of the school curriculum. The Rail Museum is also popular among history buffs, photographer, movie enthusiasts and public in general. Furthermore, the indoor exhibit displays the evolution and development of Indian railways which is a thing of great pride for everyone. The ministry of tourism and the Government of Delhi have created a fantastic place in the heart of the capital city, contributing to the heritage of Delhi and India Hence, National Rail museum is among the highly recommended museums in Delhi.