4 Unmistakably Peaceful Places in Ooty

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The hills of Ooty have been a popular holiday destination in the Nilgiris. The town has plenty of places to visit but they usually get crowded. So, if you are looking for quiet spots in this town, fret not, we’ve got you covered. Here are 4 peaceful places in Ooty that you cannot miss if you are looking for a relaxed holiday.

1. Murugan Temple

Murugan Temple in Ooty
Murugan Temple in Ooty

Perched atop a little hill surrounded by lushness of nature stands the Murugan Temple. A 40 feet tall golden statue of Lord Murugan (Kartikeya) gets your attention from a distance. The idol is admired for its magnificence and the resemblance it bears with the statue in Malaysia’s Batu Caves. The latter towers at 140 feet high which is the tallest in the world. Ooty’s Murugan statue is the second tallest.

Staircase leading to Murugan Temple
Staircase leading to Murugan Temple

The temple offers a beautiful bird eye view of the city. Enjoy the calming silence and unspoiled nature that will help you relax and leave you feeling refreshed. A temple alongside houses the idols of Lord Ganesha, Shiva and Shakti.

Ooty's most peaceful place Murugan Temple amid lush nature
Ooty’s most peaceful place Murugan Temple amid lush nature

Where– 1km from Rose Garden on Elk Hill

Wheelchair friendly– No

Entry fee- None

Timing- 9 am to 6 pm all days

Dress Code- None that we know of, but we’d recommend dressing decently

2. St. Stepehen’s Church

St. Stephen's Church Ooty
The calming St. Stephen’s Church in Ooty

Ooty is home to the oldest known church, established in the 19th century by Stephen Rumbold Lushington, the then Governor of Madras. Antique, heavy woodwork adorns the interiors with stained glass windows. Life sized paintings and paneled doors add to the authenticity of the church.

Stained glass window inside St. Stephen's church
Stained glass window inside St. Stephen’s church

Mobile phones should be switched off inside the church to maintain silence and enjoy the calming vibes. The vicinity with a manicured colorful garden offers the much-needed tranquility to this place. Sit in the prayer hall in absolute silence to feel the divine connection and come out as a rejuvenated soul. Stephen’s Church is absolutely unmissable and among the most peaceful places in Ooty worth visiting.

The peaceful bliss- Inside St. Stephen's Churcch
The peaceful bliss- Inside St. Stephen’s Churcch

Where– Upper bazaar, Ooty-Mysore road

Wheelchair friendly-Yes

Entry fee- None

Timing- 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, Closes at 1.30pm on Sunday

Dress Code- Nothing specified. Take off your shoes before entering the church.

3. Stone House

Study of fauna preserved in Stone House
Study of fauna preserved in Stone House

If museums and historical exhibits attract you, Stone House is the place for you. Unlike other museums, this one is less known and sparsely crowded. Stone House was established by the collector of Coimbatore John Sullivan in 1822. The construction of the building was a chance encounter of Sullivan with pristine nature and its visual extravagance. He found Ooty habitable with huge potential as a tourist destination. Thereby he got the first English bungalow constructed which was called Stone House. Building of this house laid the foundation of further development in Ooty with roads and forest clearance.

Fossil study in Ooty's Stone House
Toying with Paleontology

Stone House exhibits the history, traditions, human evolution and tribal settlement of Tamil Nadu. The museum has not been modernized and still retains it old-world charm. Many tourists do not find it fancy and exclude it from their itinerary. But we felt that with scanty footfall and less noise, Stone House is among the most peaceful places in Ooty. So, we highly recommend the place to history buffs, photography enthusiasts, children and cultural researchers.

Stone House Ooty- Tribal weapons
Weapons of tribal on exhibit in Stone House

Where– Stone House Area, Ooty

Wheelchair friendly- No

Entry fee– Rs 5 per person

Timing– 10 am to 5 pm

Dress Code- None

4. Shooting Point

Shooting Point in OOty
Shooting Point- Windows Wallpaper view

While traveling we often follow what’s popular and end up visiting the touristy spots only. Looking for quiet places with tranquility seems too much to ask for. But not here. Shooting Point comes to your rescue as the most mesmerizing and one of the most peaceful places in Ooty.

Shooting Point, Ooty
Stealing some calm from nature in Shooting Point

Also known as Wenlock Down Nature Trail, this location is a popular shooting destination for film makers with its verdant landscape and clear horizons. The vast expanse of green and enveloping Nilgiri hills resemble the beauty of Swiss Alps. There are no artificial backdrops or props installed here. Visitors often leave from here quickly citing there’s nothing to do. And that’s the beauty of Shooting Point, offering the unhurried calmness we all seek. We sat there in silence, watching the Sun rays play through the clouds and changing the colour of the landscape. The chilly breeze almost lulled us to sleep. It indeed felt magical.

The colourful canvas of nature- Shooting Point, Ooty
The colourful canvas of nature- Shooting Point, Ooty

Where– Ooty Mysore road

Wheelchair friendly– No

Entry fee- Rs 30 per person, Rs 50 for camera

Timing- 9 am to 6.30 pm

Ooty in a nutshell

Oflate Ooty has been inclined towards ‘development’ and is rapidly getting commercialized. Amusement parks, shopping centers and wildlife safari corridor plans have been charted to support the growing tourism here. That calls for a serious introspection because development comes at a cost. As tourists you can be responsible and make conscious choices. Nonetheless, Ooty still has the blessings of nature in abundance and few quiet places where you can feel relaxed. Hope this helps you plan a great holiday in Ooty.

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