War Remnants Museum-A Photo Journal

Among the several things that Ho Chi Minh city has, War Remnants Museum is a must visit place. This is where you experience the horror of war on both sides. Along with 55,000 American troops more than 1 million Vietnamese army personnel and civilians lost their lives. The number of people who were injured seriously or were rendered handicapped is far more. Even after the war, thousands still lose their lives due to unexploded bombs and mines. This War Museum photo journal is also a tribute to those courageous war photographers who died on duty.

Main Building-War Remnants Museum
Entry war remnants museum
Badges of US Army and Airforce
Guided and Un-Guided Anti- Tank Guns
Museum Gallery
What left after BLU 82B hit the ground
BLU Daisy Cutter Bomb and some more used in the war
Bomb Shells
Made out from bomb shells
Photo Gallery of GI’s in Action
Interrogation of a North Vietnamese Soldier
50000 never returned home
The Legendary War Photographers
Scars after battle
Nikon F2- Used by legends as War Photographers
Son Carrying his Father- Lost both hands and legs in Bombing
The Napam Girl (Phan Thi Kim Phuc)- By Huynh Cong
Hand Guns and Rifles
Shotgun, Rifles and Sub-Machine Guns
M16 and other weapons used
Bazooka and Shoulder fire rockets
Heavy Machineguns
Long War and it’s effects on infantry
Americans says -NO MORE WAR
Ground floor for souvenirs

The outer premises of War Museum

Chinook Helicopter- Used for transport.
81mm Mortar
Tanks and artillery
Douglas A-1 Skyraider
Huey with minigun

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