The Timeless Rampuriya Haveli in Bikaner

Bikaner's Iconic red Rampuria Haveli

With intricate art and vibrant colors inching throughout the exteriors, the cluster of Rampuriya havelis in Bikaner is a visual treat. This lesser known city of Rajasthan is an offbeat place to travel. Thanks to these colorful havelis.

Located in the old part of the city, Rampuriya havelis were homes of the wealthy merchants many decades ago. Had the heritage property not been turned into a heritage site by the authorities, they would have been in ruins, hence damaging the chances of the little tourism they get. Visitors are not allowed to enter the havelis but can tour the lanes and settle with capturing the beauty through lenses.

Guarded by an aged man donning traditional Rajasthani attire, these havelis left me with a mystic charm. If the buildings look so gorgeous on the exterior, imagine the rich details of the interiors.

The bulky locks with chains on the doors, the colorful windows, the carvings, and paintings on the walls date back to the 1400’s. Imagine 600-year-old buildings! As I walked through the tiny lanes, the view of the adjacent buildings intrigued me deeper into the old city.

Dipped in royalty
Dipped in royalty



These timeless Rampriya Havelis are heritage properties. You can visit any time of the day, though we suggest morning or evening for photography in better light. Day time can get extremely warm with unbearable heat in summers.

November to March is an ideal time to visit Rajasthan which otherwise scorches with 50 degree centigrade temperature.


One can easily reach the place via auto or taxi. If your hotel is close by in the old Bikaner city, you might was well walk.


Bikaner is a small town of Rajasthan with still developing infrastructure. While the old town charm remains the same, do not expect good roads or open spaces. The lanes are congested, air pollution is high and the old town is quite untidy.

P.S- This trip of mine was in March 2019. The post made it to the top post of the day and was featured on Indiblogger home page.

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