Postcards from Mehrangarh, Jodhpur

Presenting a photoblog on Mehrangarh Fort in blue city Jodhpur.

Relics of the past
The modern and traditional
Camouflaging with royalty
Rajasthani culture

At one of the gates inside Mehrangarh fort are the handprints of 31 ladies who performed Sati. This ritual was actually a practice of self immolation by women who lost their husbands. The gory practice was later put to an end with the efforts of Sri Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Sati handprints- A dark past
Kilkila cannon
Discarded canon
Looking back at the golden past

The mode of transport for the rulers that time was horse back, elephants or palanquins. Here are few on display.

Elephant howdah
Imperial palanquin

Another interesting place inside the fort is Jhanki Mahal. This palace was for royal ladies to watch processions pass by. Jhanki in Hindi means peeping.

Beautifully carved Jhanki Mahal
Bespoke beauty
Inside Jhanki Mahal

Studded with intricate mirror work from ceiling to every nook and corner, the glass palace inside Mehrangarh Fort is a treat to eyes.

Sheesh Mahal
Well preserved art inside Sheesh Mahal
Lethal, heavy swords

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