Hoi An, a dreamy tale of beauty and joy

The year 2020 has been registered in history as COVID-19 doomed the world. Before the pandemic had spread globally, we returned from Vietnam, just in nick of time! Locked inside our home, we’re now traveling virtually by recalling those amazing days spent there. One of those unforgettable experiences was our visit to the dreamy town of Hoi An.

Formerly a port, the ancient town is cut through with canals. Hoi An has a beautiful blend of different eras and art which reflects in the French-style buildings, the Chinese origin shophouses, royal temples, and iconic Japanese bridge with pagoda.

Where and what

Located around 30 km from Da Nang, Hoi An seems a place where time has slowed its pace. Here, the huge marketplace is home to several restaurants, street vendors, French colonies and canals dotted with boats.

The no bike zone is pollution-free and clean. You are required to park your bike in the allocated parking area and tour the town on foot. Thus we went walking for hours! You can rent bicycles or battery-operated rickshaws.

What to do?

One gets ample opportunities for window shopping and tasting authentic cuisines.

Speaking of cultures blending in here, we got to savor banana pancakes of Thai origin.

Finding vegetarian food could be challenging in Vietnam. Thankfully not in Hoi An. We tasted the best vegetarian noodles here.      

The charm of the evening

The town comes alive in the evening with vibrant lamps and lights in every corner that your eyes can reach. Besides, the aura it emits is warm, friendly, and absolutely joyous. In short, Hoi An is a place where you forget your worries and explore at ease.

The chit-chat over great food, beautiful sight and sound, friendly ambience, all of these reminded me of Delhi’s popular Dilli Haat market because you can have a great time soaking in the culture and art even when you don’t go shopping. Similarly, that’s what you do in the dreamy town of Hoi An. Reluctantly we returned to Da Nang at night with vivacious memories to cherish forever.

All things bright and beautiful

Time to spend

You can spend the whole day in Hoi An until late evening. Also, it looks the best post sundown. We had spent five hours.

Entry fee

None. The only fee is for vehicle parking.

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