A perfect weekend getaway in Dadhikar Fort

Looking for a weekend escapade destination near NCR? No, we don’t suggest a staycation. Our suggestion for a quick getaway is Dadhikar Fort; an amazin place nested in the foothills of the Aravalli range near Sariska village. I chose this Alwar’s fort-cation for Mithun’s birthday surprise in October. There couldn’t be a better time of the year to visit Rajasthan.  

Welcome to Dadhikar

The Legacy

Between the 9th and the 10th century, a residential camp was set up in the Matsya Janpad region by the family of King Chand. Apparently, he had to leave his capital kingdom Abhanagri (now Abhaneri) after having lost everything to a devastating flood. The camp or dera, gave the name “Derakar” to the place and gradually got its name Dadhikar.


Experience luxury

Dadhikar Fort is a heritage hotel that truly reflects the authentic forms of Indian Culture and Arts. Exquisitely designed according to traditional Rajasthani architecture, every nook and corner radiates luxury. Right from the reception to the dining hall, every artefact, big or small will bring a smile to your face. Be it the recreation room that houses chess, chausar and charpoy , the dining hall with magnificent chandeliers or the reception with bamboo chairs and gigantic brass pots, everything is so royally Rajasthani.

Seating at the reception

All 18 rooms have something different to offer and the price range varies accordingly. Our room named Mallya in the basement, had initially upset us since we are not too fond of dark, dim lit enclosures. On requesting, we were moved to a room named Prabarshan on the first floor at the same price.

Prabarshan glowing in dark

We instantly fell in love with the jharokhas and antique furniture. Natural light gushing in through the windows added an ethereal charm to the spacious room. And the door locks have a beautiful key ring resembling a bell. We bet you can never lose it.

The charm of a key ring

Additional amenities of the facility:

  • High tea in the courtyard against the backdrop of the setting sun.
The high tea area
  • Game room with indoor games.
  • Complimentary breakfast. Lunch or dinner can be bought at Rs 750 per person, though only vegetarian is available.
  • Grand cultural program in back yard at 7pm everyday. The staff puts up a spectacular show, entertaining and engaging the audience. While Rajasthani folk music and traditional dance are the center of attraction, the flower-shower and fire dance are the high points of the event.
The grand cultural show
The show stopper
Flower shower

Why should you visit Dadhikar Fort?

  • Stone’s throw from NCR: The fact that Dadhikar Fort is very close to Delhi/NCR, it makes for a hot tourist destination. We recommend this for short breaks or quick mini vacations.
  • For an authentic Rajasthani experience: You would be drenched in true magic of Rajasthan from food and room decor to dance show and service. And yeah, not to forget the spacious beautiful rooms.
  • Exceptional service, awesome food: Dadhikar scores over tons of other nearby hotels because of its service. The polite and smiling staff leave no stone unturned to keep you happy. They accommodate little demands that guests make and that’s a true sense of hospitality.
The staff at work
  • For a date with nature: Dadhikar is surrounded by the dense forest of Aravalis that offers you the peace you seek. You are greeted by peacocks calling in morning, or birds and rabbits in the vicinity, and beautiful sights unfolding. Watch nature in full bloom and take a break from your busy life in the arms of nature.


The soothing shades of green over

Village Dadhikar, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001 (India). Barely 120 from Gurugram.

Road condition:

Absolutely smooth. The highway is well maintained. However we lost GPS signals are were rerouted through country side twice. If you are driving from Gurugram, just head straight till you reach Alwar road. Read more about our visit to Moosi Maharani cenotaph in Alwar here.

Best Time to visit:

October to March when weather is mild. Impossible to travel in summer (April to July) and monsoon (August-September). 

What’s better than a perfect weekend getaway in Dadhikar Fort? If you have been here, do share with us too.


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